About Us

At Sunfire Garden, we make and design items for the home, events & weddings and personalized items for YOU. It’s a garden of wonderful items limited only by imagination.

Company Overview

From the smallest personal items for yourself, such as jewelry, to the larger items for your home, like the floor centerpiece you desire. We create a garden of things.

For the Home – Furnishings, Wall & Floor Tiles, Art, Leather Prints, Interior Decor, Exterior Decor, Etc.

For Events & Weddings – Place Cards, Favors, Plaques, Decor, Glassware, Etc.

For YOU – Shirts, Jewelry, Mugs, Glasses, Tumblers, Gifts, Etc.

Other – Memorials, Stones, Housewarming gifts, Trinkets, & More.

Materials – Wood, Stone, Brick, Metals, Glass, Leather, Acrylic, Fabrics & More. 

Contact us by email to see what we can do for you!

You may also call 704.925.1778, and leave a message.